Daily we wake up not knowing what happens next

With our everyday view were extremely feeling vex

But someone like you that earns and spends a dime

Exerts some extra effort and for us wasted their time

We just wanna thank you for goodness how have done

And for giving us hope not even telling that we’re gone

We are so thankful for giving us moral strengths

With our grateful heart, we definitely want to give you thanks

Thank you for anything and everything you gave

Thank you for light that through you me find

Thank you for this knowledge for our spirit love

Thank you for giving us something that enlightens our mind

They are just some words but those meant a lot

But please appreciate them because they are all what we got

Wherever I will be inside the cell or within the pew

Thank God for this opportunity I’ll seize the day to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for letting us feel that amount of mirth

Thank you for sharing us that smile that you had since birth

Thank you for this blessing for taking away this stite

Thank you, lastly, thank you, for coming into this life