My warm felicitations. I congratulate all the ACE IPI foundation members and volunteers on the occasion of your 5 th anniversary. Your concern over the children and elderly can be greatly felt on this occasion. We are much aware the majority of the CICL are still suffering from exploitation, abuse, violence and isolation.  More have to be done and attended to by our government. Along this direction, I believe you have done your greatest efforts to adopt programs and projects that will raise consciousness in developing a better environment for them. 


   Be one and be counted as forefront on eliminating discrimination and violence against these children.  We are duty bound to practice this in our own community.  We have committed ourselves to assist continually in leading ACE IPI for the social and economic development in our country.  To quote William Penn’s message “We have a call to do good, as often as we have, the power and occasion”.  To this I could say.  You have done your part.

Again Congratulations!