ACE International Philippines
September 29, 2007 Teleconference Minutes

Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:52 am (PST)

As scheduled, we had our teleconference last night beginning at 9:10 pm Sept
28 ( Miami Time) or 9:10 am Sept 29 (Manila time). The following participated
in the discussion: Joy Bruce, Eva Bruce, Evelyn Bruce, Virgie Bruce, Tess
Gomez, Glenda Hobart, Marion Faldas, Vicki Neri, Evelyn O'Bien, Weng Roqueand
Letty Roque. 5 out of 7 members of the Board of Trustees were accounted for, making up a quorum.

The following is a summary of what I remember from the discussion:

1. ACE-NCR reported its program accomplishment from May to Sept 16

I. Programs and Services at CRADLE:

* Values Formation sessions of CICL wards in Dorms 1 and 2 every Wednesday (Average 40 CICL per session)
* Provided 12 small posters of Divine Mercy picture (posted in every Dorm)
* Gave spiritual talk and distributed bracelet - rosaries.
* Eucharistic celebration with CICL (every last Wednesday of the month)
* Gave simple gift items to all birthday celebrants (August)


* Arts classes every Friday - 21 pieces of selected artwork were framed, labeled and displayed during the anniversary celebration of BJMP-NCR
* Basic Computer education provided by BJMP using our two donated computers.
* Skills Training for CICL: Submitted a proposal to Philippine Jaycees' Beyond Prison Walls Committee to support Training on Basic Electricity -- the first batch will consist of 20 CICL-trainees. Learning this skill enables them to earn a regular income when they get released from jail.

* Provided Dorms 1 and 2 with supply of soap, detergent and toothpaste for June and July
* Provided medical aid to 5 inmates (regularly to two with TB and emotional depression, 3 others for chest x-ray and treatment of skin infection

* Met with the assigned DSWD Social Worker and 3 CICL who were released by Court but who still had to be fetched by family. A home visit by an ACE volunteer was made to one of these boys, who was fetched two weeks later by
his mother…
* Contacted the relatives of 2 cicl who need to be visited.

*Provided sets of uniform (shirts and short ACE printing) to 18 CICL players in the Sports Tournament
* Donated 30 pieces of plant boxes for vegetable planting
* Conferred informally with CICL regarding their personal needs and

* Attended two meetings of volunteer groups called by the Warden to discuss change in schedule resulting from ALS- DEPED daily morning classes of
the CICL
* Gathering in-kind donation in preparation for the celebration of the Annual Prison Awareness Week/National Correctional Consciousness Week, declared jointly by the Church and government on Oct 2-27, 2007.

1. Lopez Area, Paranaque City
* Formally launched Y4Y that benefits 10 youth members ( 9 high school
students, 1 first-year college student)
* Purchased and distributed to all the 9 students about 80% of the required school supplies, and granted financial support (P2,500 tuition) to the first year college student enrolled in a public university
* Drafted pro-forma intake/information sheet for every Y4Y beneficiary

2. Taal & Botong, Batangas
* Soft launching of Y4Y program at National Taal HIgh School, were 45 students were oriented
* Program is temporarily suspended in Batangas due to volunteer health reasons
* Preparation under way to start program at Urduja area in Caloocan with 12 youth as target members.

* Provided monthly support of 2 sacks of rice to Missionaries of Charity in Antipolo for children and elders
* Paid tuition for Call Center-training to an unwed mother of an 8-month old baby who is presently sheltered at Hospicio de San Jose, so she can be employed and be able to support her child.

* Coordinated the delivery of 10 computer units (received from C. Hontiveros)
* Paid required dues and secured required SEC documents

Cash on Hand Php 38,837.70
Total Donation (June-Aug) $ 168,925.80
Total $207,763.50

Less Expenses:
CRADLE 54,798.29
Y4Y Program 17,363,35
Administrative 6,695.69
Missionaries 11,200.00
Miscellaneous 4,300.00
TOTAL NET CASH BALANCE as if 19 Sept 07 Php 113,438.27(now maintained with Security Bank)


Continuing Program for CRADLE -CICL Php 18,000/month (approved, to be funded from U.S.)
Y4Y Program
15,000/month (approved to be funded from U.S>)
Fundraising Project (Christmas Cards using CICL Artwork) Php 10,000
(from NCR local funding sources)
Medical Dental Mission
Php 10,000 (from NCR local funding sources)
Other services/Aid (Emergency crisis Intervention) Php 5,000/month (from NCR local funding sources)
Administration, office space, Licensed Social Worker Fee Php 14,000/month
Anticipating Php 25,000 funding from Philippine Jaycees

The services of a licensed social worker (to do site visit, sign and validate ACE-International programs) is required for DSWD accreditation. We received DSWD certificate of registration in March, and will be renewed next year. We need at least 2-3 years documented/validate d program accomplishments to be accredited by DSWD. As an alternative to hiring a full time social worker, DSWD permits a social worker to sign documentation of ACE programs (which will require payment of stipend whenever signature is required)




A monthly budget of $750 for operational /program expenses will be allotted
to ACE-NCR to cover expenses of CICL and Y4Y Programs. In addition $250 will be allotted for administrative expenses including the required social worker
fees (to satisfy DSWD requirement) . Eva and Evelyn committed to helping take
care of ACE-NCR budget ($250 each per month). To save money, only one
report (covering both NCR and CDO) will be prepared by Tess Gomez, for social
worker's signature.



- Ongoing Literacy program twice a week at Barangay 24 (average 18 per session)
-Ongoing Tahanan ng Kabataan literacy program once a week (average 15 CICL per session), divided into two groups (below 10 and teenagers)
- gave one-time donation of PhP 20,000 for E-SKWELA (computer literacy program) launched in coordination of Dept of Ed.
- terminated feeding program

Net cash balance from Program Account Php 11,000.00
Net cash balance from Building Account 48,285.00


1. Continue CIOCL Alternative learning system $2,000/month
2. Terminate E-Skwela (after course completion) --
3. Continue Tahanan ng Kabataan Projects
Implement Bio Intensive Garden Php 29,165 (one time)
Supply/folding table 4,000 (one time)
Provide tent 8' x 16' 4,999.75 (one time)
tent 10' x 10' 3,999.75 (one time)
Supply toiletries Php 7,504.75 per month
Family Day Activity every Sunday 2,000/event or 8,000 per month
Revolving fund (petty cash) 5,000 per month


The one-time cost for Bio Intensive Garden/tables and tents was approved, with money to be taken out of the Building Account (ACE-CDO to avail of free seedlings from government via Dept of Agriculture)
ACE-CDO will continue to receive $500/month to cover proposed expense
for other programs (average Php 18,500/month) with allowance for additional
service needs, but like ACE-NCR will need to submit monthly progress report of
accomplishment and measurable objectives before next monthly budget can be
A proposal is being made re the construction of an extension building in Tahanan ng Kabataan (TNK), to provide the elders with decent housing. Cost Estimate still to be submitted. It was explained that ACE-CDO cannot assume management of TNK because it is owned by the government, ACE-CDO can only schedule programs and give supportive services in partnership with DSWD (similar to what is being done at CRADLE. Also, it cannot be used exclusively for elders, because TNK is intended by the government to house CICL and abandoned children (as well as elders).


ACE-CDO is currently looking at potential land in El Salvador City, and
talking to the Mayor of Cagayan de Oro, as well as to Congressman Rufus
Rodriguez, for possible land donation because Tagolloan land is no longer part of
the plan. After some discussion, a resolution was passed by unanimous
decision from the Board members present, to allow ACE-CDO to formally cancel and consider the Tagoloan agreement as officially null and void for logistical
reasons, and to explore/negotiate for other potential areas that can be used for
building the Rehab Center.

It was brought out that government properties generally cannot be donated,
but may be sold to a non-profit for a small token amount or leased for up to 99
years, on condition that it be used only for the non-profit purposes that
are specifically delineated prior to the transaction (which usually takes a
long time to finalize). ACE-CDO needs to consult a lawyer from the Philippines
to be clearer about the legal aspects of this issue.


Although Aida Jao, who is currently Vice-President of ACE-CDO, has allegedly
claimed that she is "only a friend of ACE, not a member of ACE", her lack
of interest in being an officer needs to be confirmed and her resignation
documented in writing, before her position can be rendered vacant, and a new
Vice-President is elected.

It was clarified that the proposed Building would be used as a Rehab
Center, not as a Detention Center, and will be reserved for children 15 years
old and below.



A draft of the ACE International Brochure has been prepared. Proposed
changes/edits will be coordinated between ACE-NCR and ACE-CDO to make a single final brochure that can be used by both. For the purpose of negotiating for the land, ACE-CDO can use a preliminary brochure, pending the publication of a
final brochure, and prepare a separate case statement or handout with picture of
proposed Rehab Center (which should not be incorporated in the final


The ACE website is published through Yahoo! SiteBuilder (which is free). To
update the website, the program needs to be downloaded.

Meeting was adjourned at 11 pm.