THE Youth for Youth (Y4Y) Program


Y4Y is a gathering of groups of young persons from poor communities/Barangays. They are either in-school-youth who are in the high school level or out-of-school youth but are unable to continue their high school education.

Trained Y4Y members act as Big Brothers/Big Sisters (Kuya/Ate) and who, by their actions, words and behavior are setting good examples within their families, school and neighborhood and serving in many ways, as community volunteers-as youth helping the youth and even children. Within the big group, there shall be core teams, each composed of at least 4 to 10 members only who would have become trained peer counselors or mediators (as in Kabataang Tagapamayapa) and youth advocates of non-violence and crime prevention.

Y4Y Program could also serve as a springboard from where the members may eventually find themselves fully integrated in society and actively participating in projects and programs of their Barangays and even Parishes.

More specifically therefore, ACE International will conduct activities and sessions for Y4Y members that would:

1. Help them understand better their personhood- their relation to self, family, society, God and the environment.

2. Help them gain positive attitude and behavior and through a healthy self-image, develop their self-confidence.

3. Inculcate love of country and community

4. Cultivate the culture of life.

5. Promote and recognize the importance of social and civic responsibility and the spirit of youth volunteerism.

6. Facilitate an understanding of the principles and values of restorative justice i.e. healing and reconciliation.

7. Further train the selected core group on critical thinking, skills on counseling and facilitating meetings and dialogues between and among the youth.

Y4Y also helps provide its members access to education and eventual empowerment.

ACE IPI also believes that a key strategy to success of Y4Y is anchored on the full cooperation not only of its members but of their families as well.

Hence, their parents and/or guardians shall also participate in some of the sessions.



A. EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE in the form of part-financial support for basic school materials i.e., notebooks and books, tuition fees in public college / university, including traveling fares from home to school and back, if needed.

B. VALUES FORMATION through lectures, sharings and dynamics on psycho- spiritual development and self-discipline. Personhood and Family values are primary areas of discussion.

C. COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT by developing their talents and skills e.g. basic computer literacy, calligraphy, including their abilities in counseling, active non-violence techniques and conflict resolution,

D. COMMUNITY ACTION and VOLUNTEERISM –encouraging and coaching the youth members into engaging/involving themselves in various community-volunteer activities especially those tasks that directly benefit children and youth.



A. Target Identification- Based on an agreed set of criteria, ACE IPI will select and form the initial group of Y4Y members.

B. Interview and Initial Assessment –in terms of the members’ willingness and enthusiasm to learn and get involved as well as overall capability to complete the program. Corresponding members’ information sheet and other pertinent forms/files shall be filled out and kept for reference and evaluation.

NOTE: Assigned Y4Y Coordinators per area will help facilitate the process. They shall be supervised by an ACE IPI Board Member.

C. Family Participation- The respective families of the members shall also be informed of the Program and will be encouraged to cooperate. They too will be provided with a few sessions on values and parenthood.

D. Scheduling, Actual Conduct and Documentation. The sessions to be given will be based on agreed Modules and methodology, number of hours and days at most, twice a month at 3-4 hours per session.

E. Program Monitoring and Evaluation- Monthly meetings shall be held among the coordinators and trainers to determine if there is a need to improve or change methodology and content. A semi annual evaluation shall be made based on written and verbal feedback from members, trainers and team coordinators. Family visits shall also be conducted. An impact evaluation will be made every after 2 years based on agreed indicators.



A. Educational Assistance: At least P4,000- only per child

B. FOOD Expenses; include snacks during sessions and meals during meetings.

C. TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCE for Area Coordinators and ACE IPI staff in school and family visits; monitoring and conduct of sessions.

D. HONORARIA for Trainers/Lecturers




A. Since Y4Y Program benefits the young constituents of provinces and cities.

Agreements with the Local government units for joint sponsorships could be forged.

Hence provisions for good venues as well as snacks or lunch could possibly be shouldered by Local Executives or the Sangguniang Kabataan with endorsement from the DSWD which took interest in the Program. The National Youth Commission shall also be tapped as a Y4Y Partner for technical assistance and resource speakers.

B. A Y4Y PARTNERS group shall be organized with members coming from former youth scholars who have become friends with most ACE IPI officers and members. Through their regular pledges, most of the expenses could be covered. Those who would eventually graduate from the Y4Y Program will be encouraged to join the group and support other indigent youth from their community.

C. ACE-NCR is optimistic that with the viability of Y4Y, we could invite sponsors and secure pledges from individuals, groups and even organizations with social involvement funds.