Values Formation Activities at CRADLE



Lenten Recollection of cicl with Bro. Ordan Pinoy, sponsored by OLUP’s Prison Apostolate & Area 7 Marian Cenacle Group


Holy Mass with Fr. Lambert Legaspino, ACE IPI Spiritual Director

Glo Andres with minor offenders during a Values Formation session

A minor sharing his thoughts and ideas.







   A.     Guiding Philosophy of the Program:

The Restorative Justice (RJ) paradigm with a balanced approach views crime as not merely a violation of a provision of law but of relationships; it is an injury that causes harm and hurts to people.  RJ strives to provide support and opportunities for participation and communication between and among the stakeholders – those primarily affected by crime – the victims, offenders and the community.

For the offenders, RJ involves accepting responsibility for their wrongdoings and negative behavior and helping them on how to make things right; encouraging development of their capacities and increasing their competencies initially and jointly with strengthening of their Faith and improving the level of their spirituality.

RJ focuses on what needs to be “repaired”, what needs to be learned from the experience of crime; therefore RJ encourages understanding, healing and closure.

Ultimately, the Program prepares the CICL towards reintegration to the free society.

B.     Specific Aims of the Program:

Ø      To help the CICL gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relation with God, their family and their community.
Ø      To facilitate their learning, appreciation and application of Christian values.
Ø      To enable them to behave, communicate, express and/or ventilate feelings and opinions in an appropriate manner.
Ø      To help develop among themselves a spirit of camaraderie, cooperation and sharing.
Ø      To help them learn the importance of prayer and the Faith.
Ø      To facilitate the understanding of accountability and the process of healing and reconciliation.

C.     Planned Activities:

Ø      Designation of a Formation Team who will be tasked to undertake the Program as lecturers and/or facilitators.  However, resource speakers may also be invited.
Ø      Provision of snacks in all the sessions.
Ø      Conduct of the following sessions:

Frequency:  Every Wednesday

Duration   :  At least six (6) months or 24 to 25 sessions:  Personhood sessions are conducted again for new resident-cicl.

Session No. TOPIC


1 Getting to Know “Kamustahan

Expectation Setting

2 & 3 PERSONHOOD Understanding the Self
“ Sino Ako? “
4 “Ako at ang Aking Kapwa” Relationship with Family
Sino ang aking Pamilya?
5 “Ako at ang Lipunan“  Relationship with Society in general
6 Group Sharing / Dynamics Initial application of 1st 3 sessions mentioned above
7 The Basics of Prayer Preparation for no. 8 and 9
8 & 9 Understanding God’s Love and Developing a relationship Mercy (Parables and stories on with God Christ’s life) “Ako at ang Diyos”
10 & 11 Meaning of God’s sacrifice and Lenten season Resurrection
12 Understanding the Eucharist continuation
13 Easter celebration with special snacks/group dynamics  
14 The Role of Mother Mary May flower offering
15 Dynamics / Group Sharing / Assessment review of past sessions
16 & 17 “Ano ang Karahasan?“ "Bakit may karahasan?" Understanding Violence. Mga uri nito.
18 “Ang Droga at ang Bata“ Understanding effects of (with individual sharing) of drug abuse
19 Sexuality of the Human Person  Respect for humaness
20 “Ako at ang Kalikasan” Ecology and Creation
21 Concept of Restorative Justice RJ Basic Principles
22 Active Non-Violence Conflict Resolution  
23 Group dynamics on applying Mediation RJ in daily conflicts
24 Review of past lessons Assessment
25 Rights of a Child Human Rights
26 Looking Ahead / What’s in store for me Improving Outlook in Life


1.   Topics may changes as the situation calls for it.  Example, if there are Certain issues that need to be discussed, addressed or clarified.

2.       HOLY MASS shall be celebrated with invited priests once a month with all the CICL in CRADLE joining.

3.   We provide weekly snacks and priest’s stipend once-a-month.