ACE International Philippines
May 19 Teleconference
(Serving as General Membership and Board of Trustees Meeting)

Attendees: Virgie Bruce, Tess Gomez, Boyet Caparas, Letty Rea-Roque, Glenda Hobart (excused, left early), Joy Bruce, Cherry Licayan,MayMay/Myragene Nabo, Felomena Restor, Sofia Avellana, Victoria Neri Trini Wong, Selie Tajon, Eva Bruce

1) The meeting started at 10:15 am (Philippine Time), 10:15 pm (US time)

2) Letty reported on the progress of ACE-CDO program (From Jan - May 2007):

a) Values/Personal Hygiene program -- served 43 children and 7 homeless elders being housed at Tahanan ng Kabataan) -- distributed reading materials, conducted sessions on values formation and personal hygiene every Thursday and gave away bath soaps
b) Physical Fitness and Wellness - at Tahanan ng Kabataan - Sports Fest - donated 2 basketballs, 1 basketball ring, 2 sets of volleyball and table games (chess, bingo, chinese checkers) for the children; served champurado and guinatan with Vita-Meal as part of feeding program
c) Feeding Program in partnership with Kiwanis - served 150 children & 50 lactating mothers in 10 barangays (total 1500 people for the past 5 months) -- will end in June, The program will later be transfered to 3 local schools (each for 50 schoolchildren that will be pre-assessed before including in the program - weight/health status to be followed up periodically after feeding program starts)
d) Literacy Program in partnership with Dept of Education:
(i) out of School youth - Alternative Learning System -- some are CICLs that have been sent back home to parents; (ii) Accreditation and Equivalency - 27 enrolled (ages 17 - 40); (iii) "He-skwela" - computer program in partnership with other NGO's and DepEd -- ACE contributing salary of one teacher
e) Donation to Divine Mercy Foundation - for spiritual uplift of children
f) Tagoloan property - Land survey is done; Aida has talked to Mayor Emano and will email summary of discussion; Fencing cannot be done without document of "ownership" or MOA turnover from the Mayor/City Council. A committee needs to be formed before Letty leaves for the States -- need to get bids before making a decision on who will do the fencing and how much it will cost, once documents are in place. The cost of survey has been taken out of the $2,000 appropriated for the land. Estimated time of building completion is 2 years after getting control of property. ACE-NCR will assist in developing project plans for the building, to include sending CICL to the Rehab Center for guidance, follow up and values formation, upon release from CRADLE/prison.
g) Vicky Nery will take over the ACE-CDO Presidency after Letty leaves in June, although Letty will still be involved with the organization.

3) Virgie briefly reported on the progress of ACE-NCR (A detailed copy of report has been submitted by email prior to the teleconference)

a) Adopted Dorms 1 and 2 in CRADLE (about 25 CICL per dorm)
- 2 hour/weekly values formation, active non-violence seminar and sessions on the importance of prayer -- including snacks and priest stipend at Php 500/month
- Skills Training through Art classes by Mr. Jess Gellada- volunteer professional painter/commissioned artist started last February
- Computer Education - turned over 2 sets of computer units exclusively for use of CICL; coordinating with UNICEF for supplementary support
- Health and Sanitation - monthly supply of toiletries (soap, detergent and cleaning materials to Dorms 1 and 2)
- Provided medicines to inmates with emergency needs
- gave 250 uniforms (Tshirt, shorts) and 250 rubber slippers for CICL inmates
- Provided snacks to CICL members of the choir
- Sent formal letter requesting official list of names and addresses of Dorm 1 & 2 CICL for follow up after release and intervention to their families

b. Advocacy and Networking
- Presented 5 framed finished colored drawings by CICL to PGMA during the President's visit to CRADLE
- Attended the First General Assembly of all Service Providers in Manila
- Provided snacks for CICL Choir members (in partnership with COVENANT, another NGO)
- Working with Dept Ed Supt for Taguig-Pateros for proposed integration of computer education to the present curriculum at CRADLE

c. "Youth For Youth" ( Y4Y) Project
- Working on new project to be initiated in Batangas and Lopez, Paranaque City, in partnership with DSWD:
1) Educational assistance (ACE will provide basic school materials ie books and notebooks) in partnership with the parents who agreed to be responsible for paying Php 200 school tuition per year; Out-of-school youth in Barrio Butong, Taal, Batangas, will get free Basic Computer Education and other related short vocational courses
2) Values Formation (will work with both parents and children) for psycho-spiritual development and self-discipline (Crime prevention measure)
3) Capacity Building - counseling, non-violence techniques, conflict resolution, healing and reconciliation (Crime prevention measure)
4) Community Action and Volunteerism - youth mentorship and coaching -- participating youth will serve as "model" big brothers/big sisters and take care their younger siblings, and strengthen family values before engaging in community volunteer activities (will target student achievers in Taal)

- Will prepare Client Information Sheet Form for initial assessment, follow up and evaluation (that can be used as template in other regions, including ACE-CDO
- Will need 10 computers to be used in Butong, Batangas
- Proposed budget Php 261,400 / year (excluding educational materials and computers) -- separate from cost of CRADLE project (that is currently averaging Php 26,000/month. Three (3) individuals/officers from the Philippines pledged to give Php20,000 each to support Y4Y program. Budget for remaining expenses will come from donors abroad (and possibly grants)

d) Working with Missionary For Charity to help battered children (currently 15 children below 1 yr of age; 35 ages 1-10 years, many of whom are children of prisoned parents)

4) FINANCIAL REPORT - Will be posted on the web ( Needs a minimum reserve amount to be maintained in NCR bank (the $1,500 balance left in original account will be transferred to the new account to be used as reserve). Budget expenses to be replenished monthly, with donations coming from abroad. Letty/ and Rowella Roque will take care of the ACE-CDO budget for May and June. ACE-NCR is getting small donations from local community to supplement donations from abroad.

5) ACE International needs 2 years history of working with DSWD to be certified. Needs to submit Full Name, TIN and Philippine Addresses of all board of trustees members for submission to SEC. Eric Mallonga has been busy working on Child Adoption, and unable to communicate and/or attend teleconferences. Will ask if Eric would prefer to be in Advisory Board instead of being on Board of Trustees. Will submit/nominate names of individuals interested in joining the Advisory Board.

6) One provision added to the Amended Bylaws:
Article V, Section 2 on Member of Good Standing:
(c) He/she has been regularly supporting any or all of the major activities or programs of ACE, Annual Meeting Date: set for January 30 of each year.

Bylaws as Amended (with additional note to use "his/her" or "he/she" to include both male and female), were approved by unanimous vote of Board of Trustees and unanimously ratified by all the members present at the Teleconference. (Joy Bruce proxied for Glenda Hobart, Trustee,
who had to leave early from the conference)

7) Website will include space/provision for ACE-NCR and ACE-CDO updates.
8) The last 4 computers received by CDO and NCR (from CNET) were missing hard drives. Will make sure that the next shipment will have hard drives in place.

Conference ended at 11:30 pm (US), 11:30 am (Phil)