From 02 January to 15 May 2007


1. Invited pastors thru the Kiwanis International to give talk to the children in Tahanan. Distributed reading materials about the goodness of God.
2. Teacher Junrill conducted sessions to the children every Thursday to talk about personal hygiene. Provided soaps for personal use of children.

1. Conducted Sportfest for 2 days to the children in Tahanan ng Kabataan.
2. Donated 2 Basketball balls, Rings, 2 sets of Volleyball, Chess, Bingo, Chinese Checker and Snake and Ladder. Children continued playing every afternoon.
3. Served “Champorado” on the first day and “Guinatan” on the second day mixed with Vitameal rice. This is the rice being used by the Kiwanis in their feeding Program. This will supplement the much needed food nutrients of the CICL’s who have limited food in Tahanan.
4. Feeding Program with the theme: “Nourish the Children for a Stronger Community” is still going on with the partnership with Kiwanis International Div.
IV-A. Recipients of this program are the children of 10 Barangays in CDO. Each Barangay has 100 children and 50 lactating mothers to be fed 2 times a week.

1. ACE International (Phils.), Inc. in partnership with the Department of Education. ACE International (Phils.), Inc. supports the DepEd Programs for the out of school youth. ALS – Alternative Learning System. A & E – Accreditation and Equivalency. At present we have 27 students. (Please see attached files).
2. E-skwela – is a computerized learning program
• Commission on Information and Communication Technology
• Rotary Club
• Oro Chamber of Commerce
• ACE International Inc. CDO Chapter
These are some of the donors of this program.

1. Supported the children who attended the World Youth Day Cross in CDO.
2. Donated some amount to the Divine Mercy Foundation who is presently constructing its Pilgrimage Statue in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental.
3. Provided fare to poor bright children of Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School. (January to March)


A. Launching of ALS Program of DepEd
1. ACE International Inc., CDO Chapter sponsored the Accreditation and Equivalency for high school in Barangay 24 CDO. The occasion was attended by the DepEd official, Barangay Captain and ACE officers. A short program was presented and ACE officers distributed the school materials to the students. Signing of MOA highlighted the activity.
2. Mrs. Letty Roque attended the launching of the E-skwela program, another program of ALS-Alternative Learning System of DepEd. Out of school youth are being taught how to use the computers. 20 computers were donated by Commission on Information and Communication Technology. Some of the students were former CICL’s who are now reformed. ACE is one of the donors of the program.

1. Barangay-based feeding program will be terminated upon the resignation of Lt. Gov. Perpe Roque from the Kiwanis-CDO Chapter. Feeding Program will be done in 3 public schools in CDO for malnourished Grade One pupils. ACE officers will coordinate with the school principals, teachers and nurses for the proper implementation of the program.
2. Regular weighing and check-up of the recipients will be done by the assigned ACE volunteers in every school chosen.
3. Formation of different committees to take charge of the different projects.
4. Recruitment of a licensed social worker as member-volunteer to meet the requirement of DSWD.
5. Request Ms. Aida Jao to choose among the members whom she thinks can help her in the acquisition and development of Tagoloan land.
6. Request Evelyn Obien to assist in improving the ACE website.
7. Canvass and buy the needed parts of the 2 CPU’s received from Dr. Joy so ACE can donate one to Tahanan ng Kabataan and another one to a school.
8. Continue and enhance the Literacy Program being conducted by the ALS teacher to the CICL in Tahanan ng Kabataan.
9. Tap Procter & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive companies in the implementation of the Physical Fitness and Wellness Program.

IV. Quarterly Financial Report (January-April, 2007)
ACE International Inc. CDO Chapter

ACE International CDO Chapter in cooperation with Kiwanis International Division IV-A and Department of Education accomplished the following projects successfully touching and improving the lives of children and elderly Cagayanons

A. Feeding Program (January-May 15, 2007)
1. (Barangay based) 10 CDO Barangays
=P 20,000/Barangay in 4 months - - - - - P 80,000.00
Vitameal Rice
Freight and handling - - - - - 315.90
Ingredients - - - - -
Streamers - - - - - 1,400.00
Snacks for community officials & guests - - - - - 1,520.00
2. Tahanan ng Kabataan (43 CICL; 7 Elders)
2 bags Vitameal - - - - - 2,200.00
Ingredients for Champorado - - - - - 416.55
Ingredients for Guinatan - - - - - 500.00
B. Literacy and Wellness Program
1. ALS (Accreditation & Equivalency) High School – 27 participants
School Supplies - - - - - 2,018.75
(notebooks, ball pens, yellow pad, plastic bags)
Streamer - - - - - 225.00
Honorarium for Teachers(January-April) - - - - - 8,000.00
2. Tahanan ng Kabataan (CICL School) 20 participants
Honorarium for Teacher - - - - - 4,000.00
3. Sporsfest in Tahanan ng Kabataan (43 CICL)
Sports Materials - - - - - 1,109.00
Prizes - - - - - 790.00
Snacks for Tahanan ng Kabataan Staff - - - - - 1,399.00
and volunteers 17,541.75

C. Other Donations and Expenses
Transportation (fare of 2 recipients) - - - - - 3,600.00
Divine Mercy donation - - - - - 1,500.00
World Youth Cross - - - - - 1,000.00
E-skwela Launching - - - - - 320.00
Mailing - - - - - 115.00
Telephone bill (Teleconference) - - - - - 2,420.00
Administrative expenses (gasoline) - - - - - 4,000.00

Over-all Total P 116,849.20

Projected expenses until May 31, 2007 estimated at P 24,000.00
Feeding Program (Last Month)
Honorarium of teacher in-charge of the Literacy Program
Personal Care products for CICL in Tahanan ng Kabataan

Submitted by: Evelyn J. Obien – ACE CDO Chapter Secretary