A Decade After


   The year 2016 was relatively a tough one for ACE IPI insofar as resource mobilization is concerned. But while we did not undertake any major fund-raising project during the year, we took some measures i.e, submitted proposals for support to two local Foundations and followed up closely the pledges from foreign –based friends and other regular individual sponsors in order to ensure not only the continuing education of our present set of youth economic scholars hence keep them in school but also the special trainings that help improve their individual capacity to prepare them for the bigger challenges of work and employment. We focused also on undertaking certain activities that could enhance their personalities and strengthened their life skills.

    Meanwhile, long hours were spent during the first quarter for the completion and printing of our coffeetable book “A Decade of Grace”.

   It was also evident that ACE IPI strived hard in essentially sustaining its overall administrative and operating budget.

   As ACE IPI starts another decade of service, we will continue to responsibly “play our roles” again, in pursuance of what has been started and of what is being planned year after year. We remain passionate. We are determined not only in renewing our commitments but also in making these commitments matter.