Minutes of the Teleconference of ACE International

January 6, 2007
9:00 P.M. Philippine Time
8:00 A.M. Florida Time

Dra. Joy Bruce
Virgie Bruce - NCR Chapter
Leticia Roque CDO Chapter (with 20 other members of CDO)
Perpe Roque - Kiwanis International
Aida Jao - CDO Chapter
Mr. Boyet Caparas
Evelyn Bruce
Eva Bruce

I. Meeting Proper:

A. Conference started at exactly 9:00 p.m. (Phil. Time) Dra. Joy Bruce acknowledged the presence of all the ACE International members of CDO
and requested the Managing Director/President Leticia Roque to make her report.

B. Letty Roque in the presence of all the 27 members of CDO gave her report about the activities, expenses and plans of the ACE International CDO Chapter. The report was comprehensive that it took her almost 30 minutes with some interruptions of Mr. Boyet who was so concerned about the situation of the CICL being detained in the cell of the police precincts. Letty Roque will try to find the answers to Mr. Boyet’s queries with the help of Atty. Angeles Achas.

C. Dra. Joy Bruce requested Letty Roque to provide her a written copy of her report.

D. Mrs. Virgie Bruce gave her report. She mentioned all the activities they had for the prisoners in Parañaque. She was also asked by Dra. Joy Bruce to submit her written report. Her report was also interrupted by Mr. Boyet regarding the CICL situations while they are in the

E. Dra. Joy Bruce requested Virgie to get the ACE International paper/documents from Dra. Chee Garcia since she is already very busy with her own business. Dra. Joy Bruce also told the group that since Dra. Chee Garcia’s term ended last December 31, 2006, they can already have a new President in their Chapter. Mrs. Virgie Bruce was nominated to be the President of the ACE International, NCR Chapter.

F. Lt. Gov. Perpe Roque was the next to make his report. He told the group about the Kiwanis Feeding Program in Cagayan de Oro with the support of ACE International, CDO Chapter. 10 barangays with 100 indigent children each will benefit in the program. Lt. Gov. Perpe Roque will be sending the MOA with the barangay officials to Dra. Joy Bruce.

G. Mrs. Aida Jao was the last one to make her report. She told the group about the land in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental that the ACE International plans to buy. She said that Ms. Glenda gave already Php.50,000.00 as earnest money for the land. The 5 hectare land will cost ACE
International Php. 300,000.00 ($6,000). Aida Jao is negotiating with Mayor Bambi Emano that the land be paid in monthly installments.

Questions from the other lines popped up like:

• Can ACE International acquire land in CDO?
• What happens to the land if ACE International will no longer operate in CDO?
• What are the plans for the 5 hectare land?
Aida Jao mentioned about the plan of Glenda to come to the Phils. and see the land in CDO that will be used for the ACE Rehabilitation Center.

H. There was a lively exchange of ideas on how to acquire the land and what will happen to the land.

I. Dra. Joy Bruce told the group that fund raising be done to raise money for the Rehab Center. Radio or TV stations will be used.

J. Ms. Rita Adkins will be meeting Letty Roque in CDO when she comes back from Iligan City in February.

J.a. A certain Ms. Rita Adkins, senior reporter for Philippine News joined the conference and volunteered herself to take pictures of the Tagoloan land when she comes to CDO next month. She can also help in the promotion of ACE International through the media.

K. Dra. Joy Bruce moved that Election of the new sets of officers be done, Virgie Bruce of Parañaque was unanimously voted as President of the NCR Chapter. Leticia Roque was unanimously voted as President of CDO Chapter. It was also discussed that the number of the Board of Trustees be increased from 7 to 11.

L. Election was done after Mr. Boyet confirmed that it is stated in the Constitution and by-laws that election thru teleconference or email is allowed.

M. Since everything was discussed and everyone was heard, the teleconference was adjourned at exactly 12:00 midnight (Philippine Time).

Signed by: Evelyn J. Obien