ACE International Philippines

Feb 10 Teleconference
(Serving as General Membership and Board of Trustees Meeting)

Attendees: Joy Bruce, Eva Bruce, Glenda Hobart, Virgie Bruce, Tessie Gomez, Trinidad Wong, Letty Roque, Perpe Roque, Evelyn O’Bien and 10 other CDO members


Corrections to the minutes of the Jan 6 meeting:
1. ACE International services were given to CICL in NCR-CRADLE, not just in Paranaque.

2. Glenda Hobart PhP 15,000 as earnest money for Tagoloan land, not PhP 50,000

3. ACE Intl feeding program in partnership with Kiwanis will address malnutrition and poverty in 10 barangays through a whole-year program per 100 children per barangay. The program has its grand launching on Jan 30, and will last from Feb 1 until end of September. After 3-4 months, children will be evaluated to determine whether they need to remain in the program

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws:
Article II, SECTION 3 - statement re: income generating activities was omitted. Amended sentence to read:
"The Corporation shall raise funds through grants and public support."

Article III on Membership: Members will be classified into regular, associate or honorary, who can and who cannot vote. Statement will also clarify that members are not necessarily volunteers or donor.

Article IV (Board of Trustees), Section 3. Number of trustees shall be seven (7)

Article IV (Board of Trustees) Section 5. The term of office for Board of Trustees shall be 3 years. No board member can be reelected for one year after serving two consecutive terms.

Article V. (The Regional Chapters) Section 4. Number of Regional Board members shall be no less than 5 and no more than 7.

Article V (Regional Chapter) Section 11. Statement "shall serve at the discretion of the Regional Board" was deleted. It now reads: "The Regional President/CEO shall have the following duties and responsibilities:"

Article VI (Meetings) will be moved and become Article III . Section 1: Specific date and venue of the annual membership was specified, i.e.: "An annual general membership meeting shall be held on any Saturday of January of each year, at the principal office of the corporation or at a place in the Philippines as designated by the Board of Trustees for this purpose. The election of the National Board of Trustees, whenever
applicable, shall be held during this meeting.”

Regional Reports:

ACE Int’l CDO:
• Started its Nourish The Children Project, with Grand Launching on Jan 29, and feeding in 3 barangays
• Feeding program done in partnership with Kiwanis Int’l will be from Feb to September (progress and results will be re-evaluated after Septermber to determine whether ACE Intl can continue with program support)
• Started Accreditation and Equivalency Literacy program, linked with Department of Education. Out of school youth will receive 6-8 class hours once a week
• Visited two (2) precincts: Youth offenders are no longer held in precincts by Barangay-Tanod. This is a source of concern, because youth offenders are being released back in the streets immediately after they are arrested (DSWD cannot handle all arrests due to lack of facilities)

ACE Int’l NCR:
• “Adopted” 2 CRADLE dorms – serving 50-60 children twice a week
• Started Competency program in Jan 2007, linked with Dept of Education (made up of short courses that could equip the juveniles with particularly relevant skills and knowledge that they can use in their eventual reintegration to the free society. CICL graduates will be given proper accreditation by Dept of Educ and/or TESDA)
o Value Formation/singing/dancing every Wednesday
o Art (silk screen) lesson every Friday (Future courses will include basic computer training, cosmetology, reflexology/physical therapy, carpentry, bread-baking
o Mass every Sunday
o Snacks every session
• Medical/dental missions quarterly

Other things discussed:
1. ACE Intl will have only one official receipt coming from the National or Central ACE Office (currently addressed at the residence of the ACE-NCR President)

2. Regional chapters can form their own Advisory Board or Board of Consultants (from whom they can seek advice based on expertise) as well as their own Finance Committee to help raise funds for their chapter. They can select their own members.

3. A lawyer will be consulted to help with the final wordings of the Amended Bylaws.

4. The Board approved to relieve Dr. Marion Faldas from his role as member of the ACE International Board of Trustees.

5. Tessie Gomez was elected as the 7th member of the Board of Trustees. Other members consist of:

a) Joy Bruce (elected as Chair)
b) Boyet Caparas
c) Glenda Hobart
d) Eric Mallonga
e) Virginia Bruce
f) Leticia Roque

6. Atty Rommel Abitria will be invited to join the Advisory Board or Board of Consultants, because of his expertise and involvement with already established organizations

7. Joy Bruce (as elected Board of Trustees Chair) will sign resolution (approved during this meeting), for the National ACE Office to open a bank account with corresponding signatories for NCR and CDO

8. An official logo has been created to be used for ACE International Phill letterhead, receipts and other official documents.

9. $1,000 will be sent to cover the first monthly installment for the Tagoloan property, with Aida Jao as the officer authorized to transact the land purchase on behalf of ACE International